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Photography is an art, it is a passion, it’s an understanding and connection between the photographer and its subject. This is how we deal with every project, connect with it like its our own personal memories. Contact us when you are in need of a great Miami Photographer.


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We create images that tell your story


and capture them in digital format for social media or printed memories. We have the most affordable prices for professional photography services in the Miami area.

Blue Panda was born via a need for a friend to take some photos at a wedding that turned into a career after capturing many special memories.

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Wedding Photography

Let us capture that special day from pre wedding parties to the big day. Affordable wedding photographer in Miami.

Family, Children and Maternity Photography

Keep your families memories forever, hire us to bring your photos to life.

Lifestyle and Fashion Photography

Whether you want to be the next top model or you need pictures for your clothing line, contact us.

Commercial and Event Photography

Whether your having a red carpet event, a corporate gathering, business profile headshots, real estate or landscape photography we will be there, on time, capturing every moment.

Birthdays, Quinces and Bar and Bat Mitzvah

Let us capture your special day with all your friends and loved ones.

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A little about Blue Panda your Miami Photographer: Christopher Rismay

Born and raised in the island of St.Maarten, pursued a career in the marketing and printing field for the past 10 years. Naturally in the marketing business there came across many opportunities to do product photography, especially in the days of social media. As time passed, so did the level of photography needed, basic iphone photography can only go so far, that is where the need for professional lighting, backdrops and photography cameras came in and a new Miami Photographer was born.


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Amanda and John Wedding
Ben and Julie Wedding Couple Shot
Ben and Julie Wedding Black and White Pop
San Francisco Couple Photo
Landscape Real Estate Photography – Colorado Rockies from the Airplane
Landscape and Real Estate
Floral Photography
Landscape and Real Estate
Food Photography Table Spread Flat Lays
Flat Lays , Food
Music Artist Photography
Fashion and Lifestyle , Portraits
Car Photography
Fashion and Lifestyle , Portraits
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