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Jul 24 2016





Why are we the best Miami Photographer?

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If you are in Miami and you are in the market for professional knowledgeable and experienced photographers who will deliver excellent pictures then look no further than Blue Panda photography. Our objective is to deliver professional-looking, mind-blowing and thought provoking photographs that are not only visually striking but also deliver photography standards that supersede our clients’ expectations. Here is a brief but detailed outline of why we are the go-to Miami photographer.

All the clients we have served have been extremely impressed with the results and our professional work ethic. Our extensive and impressive portfolio give potential clients a glance of what their photographs will look like if they choose us.

Blue Panda photography is an extremely versatile Miami photographer

If you are looking for a Miami photographer that has the skills and experience to handle a variety of photography projects then Blue Panda Photography is definitely your ideal choice. Some of the photography projects we handle include:

wedding photographer in Miami· Wedding photography: our photographer will intricately and creatively capture every magical moment on your perfect day. We specifically customize a package that suits the particular needs of a client. Whether you want pictures taken only on your wedding day or you want a photography project that captures all the memories rights from the engagement to the actual nuptials then you are in the right place. Contact us when you think of needing a wedding photographer in Miami.

· Maternity Photography and baby/kids pictures: our photographers are skilled in handling kids and getting them to pose perfectly for stunning pictures. Whether your child is a newborn, a toddler or a teenager then Blue Panda has got you covered.

· We are experts in event photography: whether it is a charity auction, birthday or business-related venture that can help you enhance and build your company’s reputation we will deliver photographs that meet all your expectations.

· Sometimes you just want to look sexy with portrait photography: We have a full studio that we can take many types of portraits, go out on a photoshoot on South Beach or boudoir photography at home.

· Blue Panda photographers have mastered the skill of taking exquisite family portraits and lifestyle pictures that will capture important family events and also showcase your family’s uniqueness.

Product Photography in Miami - Miami Photographer· Additionally we are also experts in business related photography. For a business to build its reputation, credibility and enhance its online presence, it needs strategic photographs that can grab the attention of their target audience especially on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Our photographers work closely with entrepreneurs to take a variety of pictures ranging from property pictures for real estate agents to stunning model photographs that will stand out in the viciously competitive fashion industry. We also have a studio designed for product photography.

Blue Panda Photographers are extremely knowledgeable about Miami

If your intention is to find a Miami photographer who can showcase the beauty of Miami by capturing its breathtaking scenes then Blue Panda Photography will exceed your expectations. For instance if you are in Hialeah the skyline is a great way to capture stunning local history spots like Vizcaya Museum & Gardens and Miami Beach Art Deco District. We also know the visually striking spots on South Beach where the photographs can capture the magnificence and awe-inspiring Miami beachside. If you are in Coral Gables or Doral then you can absolutely rely on our photographers to identify the stunning sceneries that can help take exquisite family and business-related pictures.

Apart from simply taking pictures we also offer a myriad of services related to photography:

Some of the services related to photography that we also offer include photo editing, photo printing, video editing, photo-shopping, voice-overs, audio editing and green screen recording.

We aim at delivering high quality top-notch services that leave all our clients content and pleased.

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